Working with local Authorities to support education for all children until the age of 16 and fight Child Labour


    We are working with local Authorities to support education for all children until the age of 16 and fight Child Labour


    We help where possible to improve the learning environment of children and provide scholastic materials to those that that cannot afford them so that they too get a chance to learn in a proper way.

  • Clean water should be a must but not an option.

    It is our responsibility to help those who are less privileged.

  • Medical attantion to those that need it.

    We will continue to help people with life changing treatment at all times when we can.

  • A helping hand to come when it is not expected

    Thanks to Madam Connie Naluggwa and Radio Simba for hosting those in need. We will continue to work with you.

  • Care4lives CREDIT SCHEME

    Care4lives Credit scheme to widen in 2014 - 2015 into villages targeting women and youths unemployment.


1. Funding community based micro finance projects through which poverty can be reduced in communities.

2. Donate mosquito nets to families that are close to swamps and mosquito infested area.

3. Fund construction of clean water projects in remote parts of the country where water is a problem.

4. Help to support children that have lost their parents to Aids by providing the basic needs to see them through the daily life.

5. Support victims of domestic violence, pay their medical bills if need be and help with legal Aid to bring the perpetrators to justice.

6. Fund sports activities to keep the youths busy and fit thus keeping the communities spirit alive and sound.

7. Support other organisation that look after children to have basic needs like shoes, clothing scholastic materials and other necessities

8. Offer help through different avenues to reduce road fatalities in Uganda by financing road safety programs, Setup Pedestrian crossings and support the Police in their effort to the cause.

9. Support those in need when it is possible.

10. Work in partnership with health professionals and civic leaders to improve the quality of care and services offered to elderly and the infirm.

11. Promote the spirit of community support and care about one another.

We work hard to make sure we get the help direct to those in need. You’d be surprised about just how much help is needed out there. For instance, £50 can provide 14-day emergency food supplies to three families. £200, can provide clean water for a whole village.

In 2011, we held embarked on health programmes, sanitation monitoring, in remote parts of the country to help reduce diseases and encourage people to look after their homes. This helped us to focus our resources to eradicate the short term problems and save lives.

In 2014 we aim to set up, short term 0% interest loans  to women groups in order to enable them do something for them selves without having to worry about obscene high interest bank loans. 

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Domestic violence
Mr. Mbogga helped me to pay for my surgery at Mulago to get through  the burns, i sustained during a night of violence caused by my husband. He gave me back a sense of identity and life and am able to sleep at night without the pain I endured for a long time.
We would like to extend our grateful thanks to Mr.D. Mbogga and those supporters who have donated their time and money to support care4lives as Charity, we rely solely on the generosity of groups, individuals, organisations, members and friends for their donations to help us raise the vital funds we need to keep helping those in need.
Primary School
We are so grateful the financial assistance given to us by Mr. Mbogga to finish our classroom block. This made a difference in our school and our pupils no longer study under trees. We thank you
Gayaza P/S Masaka
Family crisis
When we lost our father, then our mother six months later, we turned to selling banana leaves in town to buy our selves food and stopped going to school. It was a difficult moment in life.  Our former teacher recommended us and introduced to us Mr. Mbogga, who gave us support and we are now back in school.
Thank you Mr. Mbogga